Well of Hope - MD

Well of Hope - MD

infusing hope into communities

Our Vision:

To be a catalyst for hope, we will provide people and provisions in order to assist the community transformation efforts of our partners.


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About Us

Well of Hope is a nonprofit connecting people and organizations by channeling support and resources to existing and developing opportunities, bringing hope in tangible ways to Harford County.  Well of Hope is working to strengthen ministry partnerships by serving as a missions arm of Harford Community  Church.  Currently, Well of Hope’s focus is on foster families and the homeless in Harford County, Maryland.

We support Harford County Hope for the Homeless Alliance.  Before Welcome One Emergency Shelter was established,  Harford County churches volunteered to shelter our adult homeless neighbors for a week during the winter.  Today, Welcome One is Harford County’s year-round emergency shelter and yet there is still a need for additional emergency shelter in the winter months. In response to the continuing need, the Harford County Hope for the Homeless Alliance (HHA) was organized in 2015 with the help of then County Councilman Curtis Beulah as a coalition of Harford County government, businesses, nonprofit agencies and faith-based groups to re-implement the Emergency Rotating Shelter .  For more information, visit HHA’s website at https://www.hchha.com/.

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Give Your Time… schedule volunteer time with your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues or church for opportunities in your community.

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